Are You Ready to Cross "The Gap"?

Do you ever feel like there is some secret in business that you were never taught? Some truth that if you could just wrap your head around it would open your eyes to how things really work? 

Does it feel like somehow society has hidden something important about business from you?

THERE IS! But it's not a conspiracy, it's just the way the cookie crumbled...

You see, we grew up in the shadow of the industrial age. But we are now OUT of that era and firmly in the information age.

So what?

Well, the problem is we were raised in a system that existed to support the old era. Our education, our parenting, our government... the whole dang social edifice prepared us for a world that doesn't exist anymore.

And so our minds were shaped carefully molded into a form that's out of step with the way things really are. But that's ok.

Because now you know.

And you CAN break free.

You can stop selling yourself and start selling your service. 

You can stop sending resumes and start sending solutions.

You can stop asking "am I good enough?" and start asking "how can I help my clients with what they really need?"

You can stop following the rules and start making your dreams come true.

You see, every freelancer is an entrepreneur, and every entrepreneur must cross "the gap": 

The gap in their mind between what they were taught and what is true. Between what they are told is possible and what is really possible. Between how the average person does it, and how the premium folks do it.